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I am certified yoga trainer and I have completed my Yoga diploma from Bhartiya Vidhya Bhavan new Delhi which is well renowned Institute in delhi. I am B. come Graduate and completed my EMBA from NIMS new Delhi. I have been working in MNC also. 
Also I have done different alternate medicine courses like Accupressre, Face diagnosis therapy, Color Therapy, water color Therapy, auricular Therapy and Reiki Master Therapy also. 

I have cured many diseases like Thyroid, Migraine, Asthama, High bp, Low bp, Diabetes, Back Pain, Cervical Pain, Knee pain, Joints Pain, Obesity, Gastric Issue, Constipation, Insomnia, Breathing issue, Indigestion, Stress, Depression, Gain Weight, Loose Weight and many more. 

I have been teaching yoga through zoom app and people are getting relief during covid-19 situation and people have lot of fear about covid-19. 

I teach yoga to individual, group, ladies group, Yoga for Pragnent women, Yoga for Kids, Yoga for Old age people, Yoga for specific disease 

Why Yoga?

Yoga is main key of life, Human Being are made with three component – Body , Mind and Soul

Corresponding these there are three needs – Health, Knowledge and inner peace, Health is physical need, Knowledge is our psychological needs and inner peace is spiritual need when all three are present then is harmony.

Yoga is the extended concept of working peacefully in the midst of a hectic corporate and individual and group also. An international report by the World Health Organization reveals that depression is the most disabling illness for the private sector, individual business, Govt sector and home. 

The benefits of Yoga to encounter this malaise are unmatched by other wellness programs, as the very crux of the Yogic discipline is a mind-body balance.  It is the only form of exercise known to increase flexibility, strength, balance, concentration and breath capacity while reducing stress and anxiety.  Yoga also helps boost morale and interpersonal communication.

There is conclusive evidence supporting the fact that offering even Yoga session brings about noted changes in employee behaviour and individual by helping them manage stress better, enhance clarity and creative thinking, improve communication skills, cultivate leadership and teamwork, and increase overall effectiveness in the workplace.

Yoga, Anytime, Anywhere

Perhaps the strongest reason for incorporating Yoga into your employees' wellness routine is the ease with which Yoga program can be implemented with any kind of resources. The only equipment required for a session of Yoga are some floor mats and a bunch of willing participants with a strong desire for a healthier, more fulfilled life.  A Yoga program can be conducted just about anywhere such as a conference room, home or garden/ open space. 

What is even most interesting now is the development of online Yoga training that is fast gaining popularity with organizations across the globe.  The offering has added a new perspective to individual and corporate wellness by making available  Yoga training by me in the confines of an office cubicle in any corner / home of the world.  Live and interactive Yoga sessions delivered right to the company's conference room with an assembly of participants/ home is a glove-in-hand fit for most individual/group/corporations as the sessions can be personalized to suit the timings and space constraints of companies/individual/group.


Yoga in general is geared for people of all levels and age groups and can be tailored to address the needs of people with completely different fitness levels. Although it may sound simple, the creation of a yoga program. 

cover up the below topics:

Improve flexibility

Build muscle strength

Perfect posture

Protect spine

Better Your bone health

Increase blood flow

Boost Immunity

Make healthy heart

Drop blood pressure

Makes you happier

Healthy lifestyles

Maintain blood sugar

Helps and improve your focus and concentration power

Relaxes Body

Maintain your nervous system

Releases tensions in your limbs

Helps you sleep order

Boost your immune system functionality

Give your lungs room to breath and supply natural oxygen in entire body

Better Digestion 

Gives peace of mind

Gives you inner strength

Benefits your relationship

Guides your Body's healing in your mind's eye

Encourage self care




Stress relief Teqniques

Breathing Techniques any many more


Yogacharya Rajendra Kumar

Yoga Se Hoga

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Satisfied Person

Ms.Priya Singh

Age: 28
Profession : Human resources in MNC Company

within 3 month she cured her Hypo Thyroid as she had been suffering from couple of years back and now she had stopped her Medicine.

Mrs.Laxmi Mandrai


Ms.manisha kumari