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Our bodies and minds frequently give us clues about the need for angel healing. It suggests that we require some sort of healing and supernatural intervention. In the guise of our guardian angel's love, compassion, support, direction, and protection, this heavenly intervention is nothing but healing. For the most part of us, this is normal and common. Such is life. But more frequently than not, a psychic attack—that is, the negative energies of the people and circumstances around us—can be to blame for this low energy. There are also certain folks you just don't feel happy and positive around. Energy barriers develop inside of us and around us as a result of all these bad energies. Our energy is depleted by these energy blocks, which also leaves us vulnerable to negative things like psychic attacks. These may end up being detrimental to our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Everything, including energy barriers and negative emotional energies, can be healed by angels. Angels are always in touch with the cosmic universal energy since they are made of holy energy and light. As a result, you can ask your angels for assistance in letting go of unpleasant feelings and energy if your chakras are blocked or out of balance.

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