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Auricular Therapy, commonly known as auriculotherapy, is a diagnostic and integrative therapeutic technique used to treat addictions and relieve pain. The fundamentals of auricular therapy are founded on neurological reflex therapies that were found in Europe as well as acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. The fundamental tenet of auricular therapy is that certain regions of the external ear, or auricle, which are arranged in the shape of an inverted foetus, have neurological reflexes and energy correspondences with other sections of the body. Measuring tenderness to pressure, electrical measurement of decreased skin resistance, monitoring tenderness to applied pressure are all ways to identify specific ear reflex sites. or by the physical observation of small regions of skin discoloration or skin protrusions. Treatment of these reactive ear reflex points can be achieved by tactile acupressure, by the insertion of acupuncture needles, or by transcutaneous electrical stimulation. Auricular Therapy is effectively utilized to reduce chronic pain and anxiety within a few minutes of treatment and can alleviate the aversive symptoms of opioid withdrawal or reduce the craving for opioid medications.

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